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"I’m excited about the UMask. While I’m cycling the UMask protects me from the sun, wind, viruses and last but not least, from pollen which can be a big nuisance during my recreation. I like it because it is very airy and pleasant to the touch. The design adds a huge value to the UMask and makes it unique."
Matthew O'Connor
olympian & CEO of BEST Swimming Centre
"The UMask is extremely comfortable. I use it during running and outdoor recreation. I'm a huge Kobe Bryant fan so I'm excited to wear the mask every day.
It is also comes very handy in COVID-19 times."
Igor Majcen
olympic finalist
"UMask is made of breathable material and that makes it a great essential for my workout. I use it everyday. I love the fact that I can wear UMask in different ways; as a scarf, head protection, head band and sometimes even to make a ponytail."
Manca Kutnjak
soccer player

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